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A new breed of belt

The Daily Driver is a new breed of belt, made for a barely-there feel and a fit that's always right. Equally at home in the boardroom and on the beach, this belt is crafted to elevate your essentials with unparalleled style and comfort, daily.

Pretty Unbelievable

Connor R

Best Belt I’ve ever had!

Anthony F

Looks good with everything; Professional & Casual!

Christian A

Unlock a new range of comfort

The Daily Driver

The daily driver seeks to elevate the pants you already love. Drawing inspiration from the comfort of sweatpants, it moves with you, vs ➜

The Traditional Belt

Made for a time when pants were harsher, the traditional belt constrains the modern pant and stifles comfort

Lower than low profile

Decidedly understated, this belt feels weightless, making you forget it’s even there

On fast, off faster

The Daily Driver's industry-first patent-pending buckle gets you in and out unbelievably fast

Features & Tech

No tail, easy sizing

From XS to XL, the Daily Driver finds your perfect fit for you, with no slack and no tail for a clean look every time.

Goes with everything, goes with everywhere